Helping the 2011 Season Fall Into Place…Now—Part 2 of 2


You have been out there gathering all kinds of information with the goal of finding the best development situation to be in for the 2011 season. Goals have been set, information has been gathered, and an action plan has been implemented.

A few helpful hints…

1. Write out your goal(s) and be very clear in your mind what you want.

2. Start a file on your computer and/or hard copy to keep all information in the same place.

3. Beware of ‘opportunities’ that come with promises, guarantees, and a price tag. (Some are no more than commercial ventures and fund raisers for people and groups).

4. Evaluate any need for additional exposure. (If you have played on a team with a competitive schedule against top teams, and in situations that have been heavily scouted by those at the level you aspire to, then there very likely isn’t any need for you to attend additional events. Time would be better spent training off ice than going to showcase events).

5. This is not the time to look for deals on development programs. (Find out who runs the best development programs in your area and sign up. The most expensive or biggest name doesn’t guarantee the best—make your decision based on quality).

There can be a tendency to over analyze the situation and not want to commit. And, sometimes we hope something better will come along. There will come a time when decisions have to be made. Decide on your choice based on your goals and information gathered. Things will work out just fine.

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