Unique Motivational Speaker

Invite Don MacAdam to be your next keynote speaker

Unique Motivational Speaker

Don MacAdam has played, coached, managed, and been a hockey team owner over the course of 30 plus years. His work at the amateur, university, and professional levels has taken him to live in 6 US states, 4 Canadian provinces, 5 different countries, and on 3 different continents.

From this wealth of experience, Don will share professional and personal experiences to educate and entertain your audience.

Some of the more popular topics have been:

Team Building. Bringing individuals together as a team to get the job done.

Goal Setting. Developing a framework for reaching and exceeding your goals.

Leadership. Skills, passion, abilities and lessons at the heart of being a leader.

Motivation. How to get the best out of individuals and groups in a variety of situations.


Communication. How the ability to connect with people is a key to success.


An Evening with Don MacAdam. The adventures of a much traveled coach.


Survival in Sports and Life. Lessons learned on living a balanced professional and personal life.


Topics Tailored to Your Audience. Request a presentation on a topic that relates directly to your group.

For Details Contact Don MacAdam at

[email protected]

call 902.393-8467

2 thoughts on “Unique Motivational Speaker”

  1. Hi Don. For some reason I thought of you the other day. What in the name of sam hill are you up to these days? Riley

  2. Hi Dave–Good to hear from you.I am starting my 3rd year in Austria working in Hockey Operations in the top pro league here. I was coaching in Italy 4 years ago. Great fun and super travel with teams in 5 different countries. Been back to PEI for the summer every year.
    Totally out of Ontario now with houses sold. Gail and I split 8 years ago now.
    Enough from me. How the heck are you doing? We need to make a point of getting together next summer. You need to meet Michelle; we got married in June. We could even invite the Mayor of Souris, Dr. O’Brien.
    Here is my contact info for PEI:
    Don MacAdam BPE, MPE
    [email protected]
    cell 902.393-8467
    PEI 902.961-3018
    Skype don.macadam1973
    And here in Austria (we live in a town near Salzburg called Sankt Gilgen):
    Don MacAdam BPE, MPE
    AHL|EBYSL|EBJL Director of Hockey Operations
    Development Co-ordinator

    email: [email protected]
    web: http://www.erstebankliga.at
    mobile: +43 676 32 64759
    Erste Bank Eishockey Liga
    Firmiangasse 13/2, 1130 Wien, Austria

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