An Interesting Look at Sports Promotions

Here is a segment from the January 25, 2011 Sports Advisory Report newsletter produced by W B Grimes and Co. at

The newsletter is about the business side of sports and there are all kinds interesting and valuable news items.

Take a look at some promotions highlighted…

Promotions We Like

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The Colorado Mammoth (NLL) have launched the Kroenke Sports Charities Tickets from the Heart community relations initiative. The program provides fans with the opportunity to purchase discounted Mammoth tickets that will be donated to local schools and charitable organizations. “Tickets from the Heart is a program that will give underserved children and families the opportunity to attend a Colorado Mammoth game,” said Deb Dowling, vice president of Kroenke Sports Charities. “This may be the first time the ticket recipients have ever been able to attend a professional sporting event.” A $20 tax-deductible donation will purchase four Mammoth tickets that will be donated on the buyer’s behalf. The Mammoth will also match each purchase by donating an additional four tickets.

The Lake Elsinore Storm (High Class A; California League) have announced one of the first noteworthy promotions of the 2011 season: Wacky Weenie Wednesday, where everyone attending a Wednesday game will receive free hot dogs.

Practical giveaway item: lunch box for kids to use for school or other activities. The Bakersfield Condors (ECHL) held the Condors Lunch Box Tin Giveaway at their December 26 game. The first 2,000 children 12-years-old or younger received a Condors-themed lunch box tin.

The Calgary Flames (NHL) recently released their official app for iPhone and BlackBerry devices. Developed by Atimi Software, the app includes interactive maps of the Flames’ home venue, Scotiabank Saddledome, that enable fans to pinpoint specific food, beverage, and retail vendors in the arena. So fans can see where the closest concession stand is that sells pizza, for example.

The Bridgeport Sound Tigers (AHL) have a program called Stick Kid which gives a young fan 6-14 years old the chance to be the honorary stick kid for the team during their pre-game skate. The youngster gets to sit on the bench, wear a team helmet and jersey, and hang out with the players as they warm up. The kid and his family also receive four tickets to the game.

The Seattle Thunderbirds (WHL) gave students from Kent-Meridian High School a chance to see what it’s like to run the promotional aspects of a sporting event. The students were in charge of the Thunderbirds’ game-night promotions on January 7. Students sang the National Anthem, coordinated the intermission promotions, and created video spots that ran at the arena during the game. Cheerleaders and team mascot from the school were also a part of the game promotions.

The Hudson Valley Renegades (MiLB) are offering a ticket package to help fans get through the winter until baseball season starts. The Renegades Snow Storm Mini Pack includes either a 5- or 10-game ticket package, an extra game ticket for free, a team hat, and a team fleece blanket. Plus, for every two packages a fan purchases, they receive a gift certificate to a local restaurant.

Mixing Pleasure With Business–Social Networking With A Purpose

I had an interesting experience this week. A player I am working with sent me a message on facebook. He wanted me to help him contact a team on his behalf. It was an easy request. After a quick response, I decided to take a moment to check out his page. Wow. What world is this guy living in?

It looked like my guy had quite the summer and it appeared that he has the party lifestyle going—at least that was the story the picks were telling. Lots of beach pics with lots of adult beverages and babes. Not that we are against such things, but if you want to be taken seriously, this is definitely not the impression you want to be presenting to the world.

What to do… How about a few pictures of the guys working out at the gym? Throw in some action shots from past seasons and this year, and try to keep your pictures as current as possible. You could also feature a couple of your team mates and even a couple shots of other players you consider role models. Listing websites that feature your team and league would be a good thing too.

If I am taking a look at your facebook page, or twitter, or any other social network you may use, then who else is? Let all of us get a positive impression of you and your world.