The PowerEdgePro Training System

After two weeks and four camps with elite level players, I have firsthand experience with the PowerEdgePro Training system—it works big time!

Joe Quinn, the inventor of Power Edge, spent time at all camps and I worked directly with him as we trained players. The camps were on Prince Edward Island and in St. John’s, Newfoundland with players from all over Atlantic Canada.

Players from this area are known to be hard workers, The Power Edge Pro pushed them physically every day—and they met the challenge. Part of the reason was the challenge of the on ice training; part was the desire to get better. And a big part was the fact that it was fun for the players.

Check the system out at

This really is the ‘big next thing’ and it works—big time!

Winning a Big Game

I had a special coaching experience last week.

Over two weeks ago I took over as head coach of a junior team. There were 8 games left in the regular season and the team was in last place in their division. That was the bad news. The good news was the GM had put together a talented team-something he has done consistently over his career in junior hockey.

It came down to winning the final game of the season, on the road, and against the team we needed to beat out for the final playoff stop.

The deal was simple. Win and make the playoffs—lose and the season was over.

What needed to happen? Our best players had to be our best players, we had to at least match the effort of the other team, every player had to do their part, and we had to have fun.

What actually happened? All of the above; top line scored three goals, we worked hard all game, and every player tried to fulfill their individual roles. Winning the game was a lot of fun.

And did I mention that their goaltender was great—and our guy was a little bit better!

Got to go. First playoff game tonight.