A Radical Book To Help Your Career

The last time I was in Dayton, Ohio, one of my goals was to get our first ebook finished and on line. I had been working with David Esrati, the creative hockey nut who owns The Next Wave (www.thenextwave.biz) ad agency in Dayton. David had his staff members Allison, Seth and Tim working on the finishing touches for the ebook The Hockey Conditioning Handbook. Check it out by hitting the Store tab above. The Next Wave do great work.

When I first walked into David’s office, he handed me a copy of Radical Careering, an eye catching book by Sally Hogshead. The sub title is ‘100 truths to jumpstart your job, your career, and your life.’ David had Sally sign the book “Here’s to Radical Hockey!”  That was a nice touch.

When I got home I started reading Radical Careering and couldn’t put it down. The book has information I had seen before along with new material, and all is presented in an informative, entertaining, humorous, and unique way. This is a fun book.

I have used it as a quick pick-me-up to get me going again when I needed a little mental kick in the butt.

Click below to buy your copy. I know you will enjoy…

Radical Careering: 100 Truths to Jumpstart Your Job, Your Career, and Your Life by Sally Hogshead (Paperback – Sep 8, 2005)

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Other Editions: Paperback

Excerpt – Back Matter: “… Ready to fire up your shiny new radical careering skills? Let’s go. Online yodtl find all kinds of crazycool …”Surprise me! See a random page in this book.

Here’s to Radical Hockey!

The Elements of Great Public Speaking: How to Be Calm, Confident, And Compelling

Cover of Lyman MacInnis is one of my favorite authors. Actually, he is one of my favorite people on the planet. That aside, THE reason I am recommending this book is because I know this book will be a valuable asset to all of you out there.One area where coaches have to be great is communication. Regardless of the level, coaches are often in situations where the ability to get their message across is important to the success of players, the team, and the organizations they represent.

Whether the coach is teaching a player in a 1 on 1 situation, giving a motivational talk to the entire team, or addressing the media, so much of the information in THE ELEMENTS OF GREAT PUBLIC SPEAKING will be of great value.

Advanced level players can also benefit from the book in media and public appearance situations.

Here are some comments on the book from Amazon.
Editorial Reviews

Book Description
Great speakers aren’t just born; they prepare and they practice. THE ELEMENTS OF GREAT PUBLIC SPEAKING takes the fear out of taking the podium, distilling essential techniques and tricks for just about any speaking occasion. Experienced businesspeople, nervous students, best men, and eulogists alike can benefit from the author’s simple, direct, and tested advice on everything from body language and word choice to responding to the audience and overcoming stage fright. Because there’s no such thing as a boring topic-just boring speakers-ELEMENTS shows how to look, sound, and act like someone worth listening to.

From the Publisher
• A concise yet authoritative guide to bringing ease and confidence to public speaking in both business and social settings. • Each of the 18 advice-packed chapters is recapped “in a nutshell” for quick reference. • Includes material on how to chair a meeting, present an award, toast a wedding, deliver a eulogy, give a keynote address, and more. • Written by an internationally known speaker who has taught communication skills for more than 30 years.