Bob Probert still giving more than he got

Concussions continue to be a significant health issue for athletes in so many sports. Equipment has improved and rules have been changed to try to address the problem. Now athletes are contributing to the solution. Here is a story about a player who likely gave others more concussions than he got himself.

From we have another example of a team player who continues to put others first.

“The family of the late Bob Probert has donated his brain to Boston University researchers who have studied the link between head trauma and debilitating health effects in football players and boxers,” the Detroit Free Press reported Friday.

“I believe that it was a very difficult decision,” Daniel Parkinson, whose daughter, Dani, was married to Probert, told “I know Dani and Bob had spoken about it … I know he wanted to advance the research.”

Probert died of a heart attack in July. The former NHLer was 45.

I was an assistant coach with the Detroit Red Wings for three years when Bob was a key member of the team and likely the toughest guy in the NHL.

He was also a good guy. He was always a team first guy. He still is with this donation.

And, he is still giving more than he got.

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