Developing Your Skills as You Become a Better Team Player

Now that the season is under way, each player should be doing his part to be a team player and good team mate. The coaching staff is responsible for presenting and teaching the systems that they want in place. There is another aspect to getting better that falls squarely in the lap of each player—making their individual game better. How do you accomplish this as a player?

The first step for the player—make the decision to develop your talent rather than take it for granted. Sound like a simple decision? It may be for some. Look around your team and see how many players are actually doing things that will make their game better. Which players are getting on the ice early or staying on after practice to work on skills or conditioning? Who is going to the gym for a workout when the team has a day off?

Here is a simple formula for a player to follow; spend ten minutes each day making an individual strength stronger and making a weakness a non-factor is your overall game. If you have a great shot, then make it more accurate. If you need to work on pivots to the left, then devote time at end of practice on pivot technique.

Don’t let excuses stop you from getting better. There is enough time each day. There is no need for special equipment to get better. There is nobody who can put the effort in your game but you. Don’t let excuses hinder your development.

As each player gets just a little bit better, it would be safe to say the team gets a little bit better. Work on your individual skills and everyone benefits. Go team!

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