Canada Winter Games 2011 Hockey

I have spent the last week watching as many hockey games as possible here in Halifax and Dartmouth. The Canada Winter Games 2011 are on and the competition has been excellent.

The score doesn’t seem to matter to these under 16 athletes. The players keep playing hard. Just because a team might be down three to four goals doesn’t mean they will call it a night. Stick around… Anything can, and often does, happen.

Players have brought energy, speed, and skill every shift.

Parents have brought a mixture of pride, nervousness, and emotional support for their teams.

Referees and game officials have been up to the task.

Halifax and Dartmouth areas have been fabulous hosts to all.

This has been great exposure for young athletes from across the country, exciting competition, and a special experience that will become a life memory.

Glad I had the chance to experience the 2011 version.

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