Team Slogan Help From the Olympic Home Team

For some of you, one of the things on your list this time of year is select a slogan to rally the team around for the coming season. You are likely looking for something to inspire and motivate your players and fans.

Since the Olympics are in full swing in Beijing, why not get some slogan inspiration from the home team. The Chinese are kicking butt, so these slogans must work!

Here is an article from Geoffrey York of the Globe and mail.

BEIJING – If you’re wondering how China’s athletes have managed to win so many gold medals so fast, you might consider how much pressure they face from their coaches and state officials.

It’s just one of the many reasons for their success, but it must be a factor. Everyone in China is pushing them to be the best in the world, to bring glory to the country in its Olympic year.

Consider, for example, the official slogans at their training sessions. Here are some of the slogans printed on the walls of the Chinese training camps, as collected on the China Digital Times website:

From the training camp of the Chinese weightlifting team: “The motherland is above everything; strike for gold in the Olympics; lift up the world; hold up hope; stay away from steroids.”

From the training camp of the Chinese shooting team: “Die in the fight for the gold, instead of surviving just for the sake of participation.”

From the training camp of the Chinese gymnastics team: “Leaders put pressure, subordinates put pressure. Pressure each other. Pressure oneself. There will be no breakthrough if one does not take the hardest hardship; there will be no champion if one does not go through the ultimate pressure.”

Who said fun had to be part of sport….