Checking out The Hockey Conditioning Handbook Competition

Now that our book is on line, I have been taking time to see what else is out there in the hockey conditioning internet world. Checking out the competition has been interesting. Yes, I liked the fact that one of our other books, 52-Week Training for Hockey, is a prominent player.

In my opinion here is a concern when you look at the different programs you have to choose from. It bothers me to see sites showing exercises with little or no background information provided.

If a program or exercise is presented and there isn’t information on proper technique, safety instructions, and a why you should do this, then I would suggest caution.

Conditioning work needs to be specific, if you hope to reach your training goals. Safety issues are important. Any quality site should offer this information to you.


These are some of the strengths of The Hockey Conditioning Handbook. All the additional information you need is there for you. The exercises and programs are clearly explained and the why is always answered.

There are training fads out there all the time. But, the trend in training now is back to basics. Be sure to take a close look at any program that interests you. Stay true to your training goals and make sure that any program you choose will get you there.

Here is one last concern for you to consider. Some programs are excellent, but they should be implemented with the help of a qualified trainer. An example is plyometrics. Excellent results can be gained, but if exercises aren’t done correctly, there is a high risk of injury.

Now it is time for you to check out the link to The Hockey Conditioning Handbook.

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